I'm a web and database programmer with particular experience in e-commerce, site administration and content management. In the course of my work, I can help with any of the following:

  • Share my experience with online business models, feature lists and launch plans
  • Plot your site functionality in detail, answering all technical questions along the way
  • Build unique functionality from scratch to support your business ideas
  • Integrate open-source software as appropriate for common functionality
  • Connect your website to payment processing, communications, analytics or other services
  • Add a content management interface so you can edit website content yourself
  • Implement a graphic designer's vision for the look and feel of the site
  • Install your website at a capable and reliable hosting company

My preferred development technologies are:

Here are some examples of past projects:

Custom Content Management

These sites enable businesses to publish large amounts of content, with unique management and distribution requirements.

BandHelper (2013-present)

Created a web portal for bands to manage their repertoire, schedule and finance information, then sync all their data between the website and a custom iOS app. Included subscription payment functionality with different account levels and subscription lengths.

Professionelle (2012-2015)

Created a tool for authors to add hotspots and popup content to daily pin boards in this affiliate sales site. Added search and browse options for users to access thousands of products in the archive.

ContentDirect (2006-present)

Built a custom content management system that automatically delivers news articles in a half-dozen formats to hundreds of publications. Included a customer interface for account management and detailed reporting on revenue and usage.

Ennounced (2011-present)

Created an online announcements platform that newspapers can integrate into their sites. Combines syndicated content entered by the platform provider, local content entered by the newspapers and announcements content entered by users.

Johnson Publishing Company (2005-2006)

Replaced a cumbersome, off-the-shelf CMS with a custom system that eliminated repetitive tasks. Merged functionality from five websites into a single, unified database. Moved websites to a reliable server and managed the redesign of each site's user interface.

Social Networking

These sites are focused on user-generated content and interactions between users.

Salty Fig (2012-2016)

Built a custom site with user accounts, recipe editing and e-book creation features, and developed an import button to add to partner websites for automated recipe importing.

Lessonopolis (2011-2015)

Built a custom site that allows users to upload and sell instructional videos, attach supporting documents and discuss lessons with their students. Integrated with PayPal for low-cost payment processing and easy payouts to instructors.

One Place for Special Needs (2008-present)

Streamlined an off-the-shelf social networking package to make it more accessible to users, then seamlessly integrated custom pages for product and resource directories. Integrated with third-party mailing list, payment processing and ad serving systems.

Hello Jackie Joe (2009-2011)

Built a custom online dating site that enables a unique, collaborative approach to searching for dates. Integrated with third-party photo capture, video capture and chat systems.


These sites allow businesses to sell products online, with secure transactions and user accounts.

I Need a Great Story (2010-present)

Built a shopping cart with a pre-paid credits system, and a customer account area, driven by a custom CMS with 9000 articles and videos. Automated publishing tasks like thumbnail resizing and video player configuration.

57Grand (2009-2012)

Built a custom e-commerce site that offers unique social tools to its bridal party customers. Integrated with third-party image zooming, tax calculation, inventory and shipping systems.

Money Savvy Generation (2005-present)

Built a custom e-commerce site that routinely handles traffic spikes from national television coverage. Integrated with third-party mailing list and shipping systems and added blog software to a companion site. Included a warehouse interface for limited access from fulfillment staff.

Design Implementation

These sites only deliver small amounts of static content, but still include a standardized admin interface for content editing.

Northwestern University Nikon Imaging Center (2012)

This project was a design refresh and a move from individual pages to shared page templates. It uses Contemplate for page templating without a database. Design by J Carey Design.

Northwestern University Ventures in Biology Education (2011)

This fresh, colorful design accommodates a fairly large amount of content. Although it uses Wordpress for content management, I added custom programming to eliminate some redundant tasks and integrated a custom database for contacts and events. Design by LimeRed Studio.

National Adoption Center (2008)

This site is much larger and includes a variety of content, plus affiliate links for an easy way to cover some expenses. Design by Sandstorm Design.

Relco Locomotives (2006)

This is nice design for a smaller website, but includes three levels of navigation. Design by Sandstorm Design.