I love web development, but couldn't resist getting into the mobile game and have launched apps on the iOS and Android platforms. When building your app, I can:

  • Provide feedback on your idea, business model and competition
  • Plot your app functionality in detail, answering all technical questions along the way
  • Connect to online databases for real-time data updates
  • Integrate the device's built in camera, microphone, GPS, or motion detectors
  • Set up in-app purchases for greater revenue potential
  • Build separate interfaces for phones, tablets and watches, with shared functionality
  • Implement a graphic designer's vision for the look and feel of the app
  • Follow each platform's interface guidelines for intuitive use and professional appearance
  • Follow each platform's distribution guidelines for acceptance into the app stores

Here are some examples of past projects:


These apps help users in specific industries manage their data.

Set List Maker (2010-present)

This app goes on stage with musicians around the world. Users can enter all the songs in their repertoire, drag and drop to assemble each night's set, and read lyrics and chord changes during a performance. Integration with digital mixers, effects processors and lighting systems make Set List Maker the "brain" of the stage setup for many performers.

Chinese Nutritional Strategies (2013)

Conceived by a practicing accupuncturist, this app delivers comprehensive research about nutrition in an easy-to-use, handheld package. Practitioners can compile their recommendations during a patient visit, then email or print a hard copy.

IREM Comps (2011)

Most rental property managers use comps to set rent prices, and many use Excel spreadsheets to help perform these calculations. The Institute for Real Estate Management converted their recommended spreadsheet into an app to allow in-the-field gathering of comp data and quick calculations.


These apps take advantage of a mobile device's numerous audio and media capabilities.

Autoharp (2010-present)

Who knew so many autoharp players owned iPads? This app makes it easy to switch between different keyboard layouts and set up custom tunings, and includes digital effects and MIDI output options to go beyond the basic autoharp sound.

My Voice Alarm (2010-present)

The iPhone's built-in alarm clock works pretty well, but this one lets you record your own wake-up messages. It also streamlines the alarm setting process, and uses a unique interface to distinguish between snooze and off commands.


These apps access and process the data from a phone's GPS receiver.

Elevation Tracker (2011-present)

Hikers and bikers like to know how much climbing they've done. This app tracks their elevation throughout a trip, displays real-time stats, and generates an elevation profile image to document each trip. It can also connect to a Pebble smartwatch or Apple Watch for quick access to info while working out.