Every good programmer tries to avoid reinventing the wheel whenever possible. This means packaging common functionality so that it's easily reusable from one situation to another. And when they've really built something useful, the temptation is strong to share it with others. On that note, I've prepared three of my most valuable programming tools for distribution. The first two are free and open-source; the third requires a paid subscription, but my clients can use it for free.

Meditate™ Web Content Editor

Meditate provides an interface for editing your site's HTML code in a visual format. It supports multiple users with different permission levels, review and approval workflows, scheduled publishing and version control with rollbacks. Free download

Contemplate™ Web Templating System

Contemplate allows me to implement your graphic design as a set of templates for fast, site-wide changes. It also separates design, content and functionality so we can modify one aspect of your site without inadvertently changing the others. Free download

Project Management Suite

The four tools of the project management suite support budgeting and time tracking, scheduling, issue tracking and task planning. My clients mainly interact with the issue tracker, but they can rest assured that the other aspects of their projects are well managed. More info