My own apps are keeping me quite busy, and I'm not actively seeking new clients. However, I can occasionally commit to a new project, especially if it relates to my previous experience in publishing, content management and workflow efficiency, or my personal interests in music, the environment and the outdoors. I will never commit to a project I can't complete under the agreed-upon timeline, so if we discuss a project you have, I'll be clear about my current availability.

In any case, I enjoy hearing about other peoples' business ideas, and I'm happy to give my initial feedback on an idea. I can sign a non-disclosure agreement first if you prefer. If we discuss a project of yours, my first questions are likely to be…

  • How will you fund your initial development, and how do you see the product becoming profitable over time?
  • What competitors do you have, and what will your product do better than theirs?
  • Are you open to a phased approach where you release a limited product first, then add to it as you receive user feedback?

If you'd like to tell me about your project, and we'll go from there!