Meditate™ Web Content Editor


27 Nov 2008
Initial development.


30 Nov 2009
Added support for content storage in Dreamweaver template files and custom databases.

Added support for integrating the entire product into a larger administrative interface.

The editor now converts high-ASCII characters to low-ASCII equivalents when loading content, to avoid problems with the JavaScript decodeURIComponent method.

The editor now resets its undo list when loading new content.


3 Nov 2010
Added Expand/Collapse, New Field and Refresh icons to the content browser, and added new styles to config/styles.css.

Added a COLLAPSABLE_GROUPS option to config/constants.php. When set to 0, all the groups in the content browser will be expanded, and the group names will appear as headings rather than links. If you do not add this option to your constants.php file, the behavior will remain as it was in previous versions. (Suggested by Paul Ryley.)

Added a MULTIPLE_SPACES option to config/constants.php. Normally, TinyMCE converts sequences of spaces to   characters. When set to 0, this option will rewrite them as normal spaces (which web browsers render as a single space). If you do not add this option to your constants.php file, the behavior will remain as it was in previous versions.

Added a CONTENT_FILE_EXTENSIONS option to config/constants.php. When using the Contemplate and Dreamweaver content types, the editor will only show files matching the extensions you list here. If you do not add this option to your constants.php file, the editor will only show .html and .htm files.

Updated TinyMCE to the latest version (

Increased the default height of the TinyMCE editor window. (The editor is still resizable by dragging the lower-left corner.)

Fixed a bug that erroneously added slashes to published content when magic_quotes_gpc was turned off.

Fixed a bug that removes dollar amounts like $20 when saving to Dreamweaver files. (Reported by NAI Multimedia.)

Fixed the "view all edits" link on the Edit User page. (Reported by Paul Ryley.)


5 Nov 2010
Fixed a bug that prevented content files from displaying on the Content Edit page when multiple directories were listed for the DREAMWEAVER_CONTENT_DIRECTORIES setting.


23 Nov 2010
NOTE: If you use Meditate with Contemplate, you must upgrade Contemplate to version 2.0 before installing this update.

Added a SITE_IMAGE_DIRECTORIES option to config/constants.php. If you set your site's image directories here, the Insert Image dialog box in the content editor will display a list of all your images. This allows you to select an image from the list rather than typing its path into a field. (Suggested by NAI Multimedia.)

Added a Pages > Manage item to the main menu. This new page allows Dreamweaver users to copy, rename and delete content files, and allows Contemplate users to edit, copy, rename and delete page definitions in the contemplate/data/pages.txt file. Since these changes are not subject to version control or rollbacks, this page is only available to Reviewers or Administrators.

Moved the stylesheets to the shared directory and placed two "override" stylesheets in the config directory. If you want to customize Meditate's CSS styles, you can put your customizations into these files and they will override the default styles. This will make it easier to apply future upgrades because the default styles and your custom styles will be stored in separate files.

Fixed a bug that caused new fields added on the Content Edit page to have an incorrect ID1 value, when using the database content type. (Reported by Bert Conant.)

Eliminated error messages that occur if you browse files that don't contain editable content tags, when using the Dreamweaver content type. (Reported by Bert Conant.)

Eliminated error messages that occur if you don't set a timezone for a user. Users with no timezone specified will see dates in Universal Time.

Updated some utility functions in shared/functions.php. This shouldn't affect anything from a user's perspective.


22 Jun 2011
Meditate now shows a selectable list of images in the Insert/Edit Image dialog when you provide a site-relative path to the images directory and your site does not reside in a subdirectory.

Meditate now correctly displays content in the editor when the first level of a content folder contains other folders.

Meditate now correctly navigates site directories on servers that return paths using backslashes instead of paths.


14 Nov 2011
On the user edit page, you can now limit each user's access to specific groups of content. For example, you could allow a user to only edit the content stored in a particular Contemplate content file. This feature requires an update to your Meditate database, so if you are upgrading from a previous version, please see docs/upgrade.txt for the MySQL command you can run to perform this update.

Users who are not administrators can no longer download or edit files from the Files page. This prevents unauthorized users from viewing script or configuration files that contain database passwords or other sensitive information.

The Status option on the content edit page is now a required field. This prevents problems when using lock files and forgetting to set a status.

If you configure your crontab to publish scheduled content and include an email notification address, cron will no longer send "There is no new content ready for publishing" messages when there is no scheduled content to publish.


2 Dec 2011
The username and password posted from the login page is now correctly sanitized to avoid SQL injenction attacks. (Reported by Stefan Schurtz via Secunia Vulnerability Coordination Reward Program.)


9 Dec 2011
Added a missing field to the database install script that is run the first time you install Meditate. If you installed Meditate for the first time with version 1.2 or 1.2.1, you can correct this issue by running the following command on your MySQL database: ALTER TABLE `user` ADD `access` TEXT NOT NULL AFTER `role`.


3 Jul 2012
Added the DREAMWEAVER_CONTENT_SUBDIRECTORIES option to the constants.php file, with a default value of 1. If you change this value to 0, Meditate will show files in the specified content directories but not in their subdirectories. This is especially useful if you store content files in the root directory of your website. With this option disabled, you can still show files in particular subdirectories by listing them explicitly in DREAMWEAVER_CONTENT_DIRECTORIES.

Updated the bundled version of TinyMCE from 3.2.7 to

Added a full set of worldwide time zones to the installation script. (Previous versions only included time zones for the continental United States.)

Fixed an error message that occurred the first time a user's record was edited, before the user's time zone was set, and made the time zone a required field.

Fixed a bug that prevented the Manage Files page from navigating some directories correctly.

Fixed a bug that prevented the Manage Pages page from selected some file names correctly.

Removed the content directory from displayed filenames when all files are located in the content directory.

Increased the maximum content size allowed by the sanitization functions when saving content.