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3 Jul 2012
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Managing users

You can set up multiple user accounts in Meditate, with different permission levels. To add a user, click Users > Manage, the click "add a user" under the user list.

The email address will be used to send confirmations of scheduled content publishing. The time zone will control the date and time display on the Review and History pages.

User roles function as follows:

  • Editor These users can edit content, but can only set its status to In Progress or In Review. They cannot publish content. They can upload files from the Files page, but they cannot download or edit files.
  • Reviewer These users can review the content edited by Editors and either publish or undo the changes. Like Editors, they can upload files from the Files page, but they cannot download or edit files.
  • Administrator These users can do all of the above, plus add users or change the roles of users, and download or edit files from the Files page.

The Active checkbox allows a user to log in. You can disable this option to remove a user's access, but retain their account so that their edits still appear on the History page.

The Limit Access To... list allows you to specify individual files or database groupings that a user may edit. You can select multiple items using the normal multiple-select control key for your computer. If you leave all the items unselected, the user will be able to edit all the items.

And the Recent Edits list is for information only, to provide a quick glimpse of a user's recent activity. You can click View All Edits to see a complete list.

edit user screen shot

Meditate is developed by Arlo Leach.