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Latest release

Meditate 1.3
3 Jul 2012
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Quick start

These are the general steps you'll go through in editing a website with Meditate.

  1. Download the software
    You can download the latest version of Meditate here.

  2. Configure and install the software on your web server
    The included install.txt file contains instructions.

  3. Log in to Meditate
    A new installation has a user named "admin" with no password, but you can set a password and add more users when you log in for the first time.

  4. Select the content to edit
    The left sidebar of the Content > Edit page contains hierarchical links to your content. You can click the groupings to open or close them, then click a content name to load it into the editor.

  5. Edit your content
    Standard content editing tools are available at the top of the editor field.

  6. Save your changes
    When you're done editing, look for the Comment field underneath the editor field. Enter a brief comment describing your change. Then set the content status to Published and click Save. At this point the content should appear on your site.

  7. Review your changes
    You can click Content > History to see a complete list of all the edit everyone has made.

Meditate is developed by Arlo Leach.