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3 Jul 2012
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Managing pages

If you're using the Contemplate or Dreamweaver content types, you'll see a menu item called Pages with a Manage page underneath it. This interface lets you manage collections of content that are grouped together on a page.

For Contemplate sites, this interface edits the page definitions contained in Contemplate's pages.txt file. You can edit, rename, copy or delete page definitions. If you place comments into your pages.txt file (a comment is a series of alphanumeric characters beginning with a # character), the page names will be grouped using these comments as headings in the interface.

For Dreamweaver sites, this interface edits the content files themselves. You can rename, copy or delete files. If you specificy multiple directories for your files in the config/constants.php file, the file names will be grouped using these directory names as headings in the interface.

The interface does not have a function to create a new page, because that would require a deeper knowledge of the website development structure. Instead, users can simply copy an existing page and then name the copy.

Since changes in this interface are not subject to version control or rollbacks, this page is only available to Reviewers or Administrators.

page manager interface

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