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Meditate 1.3
3 Jul 2012
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Editing content

Once you've set up Meditate, editing should be straightforward, but here's a guide to the Content > Edit page.

Content browser

In the left sidebar, you'll see a hierarchical ("tree") listing of your content. If it is organized into folders and files, you can click through the folder and file names; if it is organized in a database, you'll click through the row ID values. When you click a content name, that content will load into the editor.

For Contemplate and database content, you will also see a "new field" button that allows you to add new content. This is not available for Dreamweaver content, because you would have to do that at the template level.

Status bar

At the top of the main area, you'll see a status display confirming what content you're editing. When you add new content, this will be an editable field for entering a content name. You may also see a Delete or Revert button depending on the state of your content.

Editor field

The largest element on the page is the WYSIWIG editor, which includes several editing toolbars and your content. You can hover over the toolbar buttons to see their names. The top row of the toolbar includes Undo and Redo buttons, and an HTML button if you need to edit the underlying HTML manually.

Schedule date and time

If you want to publish your content at a future time, you can enter that here. Meditate will store your edits until that time and then publish it automatically. It will also send you an email confirmation when this happens. If you want to publish your content right away, just leave these fields blank.


It's a good idea to enter a brief description here each time you make a change. This helps other editors see how the content has evolved, and makes it easy to locate the correct content if you need to roll back to a previous version.


Before you save your content, you'll have to set a status to tell Meditate what to do with it:

  • In Progress Your content is saved as a draft form so that you can finish working on it later. The content will not appear on the public website.
  • In Review Your edit is finished but someone else should review it before publishing it. The content will appear on the Content > Review page.
  • Scheduled Your edit is ready to be published, but not until the date and time you entered. If you schedule your content and then decide to publish it right away, you can use the Publish Now link on the Content > History page.
  • Published Your edit is finished and you want to publish it right away. This will make your content appear on the website.



Meditate is developed by Arlo Leach.