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3 Jul 2012
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Approval workflows

You can set up Meditate so that some users can only make edits within the system, and others have to review the edits before they are published. The key to this functionality is the Role setting on the Users > Edit page. The roles work as follows:

  • Editor These users can edit content, but can only set its status to In Progress or In Review. They cannot publish content.
  • Reviewer These users can review the content edited by Editors and either publish or undo the changes.
  • Administrator These users can do all of the above, plus add users or change the roles of users.

This, then, is the basic approval workflow:

  1. An Editor logs into Meditate and edits some content. He or she saves the content with a status of In Review.
  2. A Reviewer logs into Meditate and views the Content > Review page. Each outstanding edit appears here.
  3. The reviewer can click View to view the edited content, Edit to perform further edits, Publish to publish it, or Revert to undo it.
Meditate is developed by Arlo Leach.