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Meditate 1.3
3 Jul 2012
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These pages roughly follow the layout of pages within Meditate.

Quick start

If you're ready to jump right in, here's an overview.

Connecting to your site

instructions for setting up Meditate to read your site content.

Editing content

How to use the core editing functionality.

Approval workflows

How to set up an approval workflow for your editors.

Version control

How to track content versions and roll back to previous versions.

Managing pages

Creating, renaming and deleting collections of content.

Uploading files

How (and when) to use Meditate's built-in FTP interface.

Managing users

How to add and update Meditate users.

Integrating with a larger admin system

You can embed Meditate into your own system for a single admin interface.

Tips and tricks

Miscellaneous goodies that don't fit elsewhere.

Release notes

Complete change histories for each Meditate version.

Known issues

Things we will change, things we might change, and things we wish we knew how to change.

Meditate is developed by Arlo Leach.