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Latest release

Contemplate 2.0.2
16 Nov 2011
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Known issues

None at this time.

Wish list

This list includes ideas that we're considering adding to Contemplate in the future, but we're either not sure how we want to implement them, or we just haven't gotten to them yet.

  • Contemplate relies heavily on regular expressions (having originated as a Perl script), but these tend to be buggy and could be faster. It may be possible to use an HTML parsing module instead of regular expressions to streamline the Assembler.
  • We could at least rewrite some of the regular expression matching to use global matches rather than while loops to speed up the parsing.
  • It might be useful to use multiple page definitions files in a site. However, we would then need to include the name of a page definitions file with every page request, like assembler.php?definitions=pages2.txt&page=foobar, and that might not be worth the extra clutter.
  • Currently, XML content files must follow the very simple document type definition shown in the demo site. However, we've not yet created a DTD file that documents this structure. More significantly, we haven't considered what it would take to make Contemplate support XML content files based on other DTDs. Does anyone use this feature of Contemplate?
  • It might be nice to format page definitions files as XML, but we're not sure. The file can sometimes be hard to read, but this might not help.
Contemplate is developed by Arlo Leach.