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Contemplate 2.0.2
16 Nov 2011
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Other components

The heart of Contemplate is the Assembler script, which merges content into templates to create finished HTML pages. However, the Contemplate package includes a few supporting utilities that are worth getting to know.


Most web hosts provide some kind of statistics package for their websites, but many are difficult for the average person to read, and some may not distinguish between web pages and all the supporting files connected to each page. Contemplate addresses both of these problems with its built-in statistics component called the Reporter. If you set LOG_SITE_TRAFFIC to true in your config/constants.php file, Contemplate will log each page it assembles to a database, whose data you can view with the contemplate/reporter/reporter.php script. This provides a simple, clear view of your site traffic, using your own page names.

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Contemplate is developed by Arlo Leach.