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Latest release

Contemplate 2.0.2
16 Nov 2011
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These pages roughly follow the sequence of building a website with Contemplate. You can also download our fully functional demo site to experiment with while you learn, or to serve as the basis for a new website of your own.

Quick start

If you're ready to jump right in, here's an overview.


Descriptions of the main parts of a Contemplate website.

Site organization

Guidelines for setting up the main folders of your website.


A complete list of options for embedding content into templates.

Content files

The anatomy of a Contemplate content file.

Page definitions

An explanation of how you can pull it all together.


Useful things you can change with the config/constants.php file.


How to prohibit unwanted access to your content.

Other components

The included Reporter script displays your site traffic.

Tips and tricks

Miscellaneous goodies that don't fit elsewhere.

Release notes

Complete change histories for each Contemplate component.

Known issues

Things we will change, things we might change, and things we wish we knew how to change.

Contemplate is developed by Arlo Leach.