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16 Nov 2011
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Take a closer look

As you might have guessed, the page you're reading now was assembled with Contemplate. We've simplified the appearance of its URL with Apache's URL rewriting feature, but to get a better idea of how this all works, you can open this page using this alternate URL.

Once you have that window open, look at the URL string and see how each argument after the template argument maps to an area of the page layout. If you like, you can remove all the arguments except for the template argument from the URL and see what the template looks like without any content embedded into it. Or you can change the values in the arguments -- for example, change main=field,main.html,demonstration to main=field,main.html,footer -- and see how the page composition changes in real time. This is how you build sites with Contemplate!

Explore a demo site

Besides the basic functionality of merging content into templates, Contemplate includes a few key features to address common site development needs. We've created a simple website that demonstrates every Contemplate feature to make them easy to experiment with and to provide sample embed tags for your own projects. You can either view the demo site running on our server, or download the entire site and install it on your own server.

Contemplate is developed by Arlo Leach.