Sharing a set list with your bandmates

After you've created a set list, you can share it with any bandmates who don't have Set List Maker. Read on for more details:

  • To share a set list, select a show and then tap the Share button. This opens a page that includes a preview of your set list, along with various settings to control the appearance of the list.
  • You can set the text size and other options from the Set List Sharing Display section.
    set list contents
  • You can control which fields appear on your set lists from the Set List Fields section, and control their display order from the Field Display Order section.
    set list contents
  • Set List Maker is designed to display your set list on a single page. If your show extends to more than one page, you might have to shorten your song titles or your entries in the other displayed fields so that each song fits onto one line. You can also adjust the text size in the Set List Sharing Display section, or try changing the page orientation from portrait to landscape.
  • Alternatively, you can split your sets onto separate pages with the Set List Sharing Display > Sets Per Page setting.
  • When the set list appears the way you want it, you can use the buttons in the bottom toolbar to email it, print it, copy a plain-text version to the clipboard, open it in another app (iOS) or save it to a folder on your device (Android).
  • Printing set lists requires an AirPrint-compatible printer on iOS, or a CloudPrint account on Android. If you do not have access to these resources, you can email or save the set list and print it from a computer.
  • By default, emailed set lists will be a PDF file attached to an email message (example). Recipients can save or print the attachment. However, these PDF files are image-based and not editable. If you would like to send set lists in an editable format, you can change the Set List Sharing Display > Email Format option to HTML. Then Set List Maker will send a simple HTML file that recipients can edit it in a text editor, an HTML editor or a word processor.
  • If you send a set list in HTML format, your recipients' email software might display a plain-text preview of the set list by default. They can double-click the attachment, or save it to their desktop and double-click it, to see the fully-formatted set list.
  • On Android devices, the PDF generation is provided by Android PDF Writer, which is copyright © 2010-2013 and distributed under the BSD Simplified open-source license.