The initial download of Set List Maker is $9.99. With the base app, you can use most of the functionality, including adding and importing songs, attaching documents and recordings, creating and sharing set lists and using custom song layouts on stage. The following advanced features require in-app purchases (paid upgrades):

Note: To avoid in-app purchases, you can switch to BandHelper, which uses a single subscription fee for all features for your entire band.

  • Attach documents to your songs: $1.99. To purchase this feature, tap the Edit button for a song, then tap the Documents button. This feature is included in the basic app if first installed before version 3.0 or after version 4.0. More info
  • Synchronize databases between multiple devices: $3.99 per iTunes account. To purchase this feature, tap the Sync icon in the top toolbar: sync icon. If you don't see this icon, you can navigate to Settings > Database Sync and tap Sync Now. More info
  • Link devices for screen sharing or remote control: $3.99. To purchase this feature, tap the Linking icon in the top toolbar: linking icon. If you don't see this icon, you can navigate to Settings > Device Linking and turn on one of the Broadcast options. More info
  • Send and receive MIDI data: $3.99. To purchase this feature, tap the MIDI icon in the top toolbar: midi icon. If you don't see this icon, you can navigate to Settings > Automation > Song Selection Actions and enable one of the MIDI options, or navigate to Settings > Tempo & Pitch and enable the MIDI beat clock option, or navigate to Settings > Remote Control and enable one of the MIDI input options. More info: sending or receiving
  • Record and play back automation tracks in the show view: $3.99. To purchase this feature, tap the automation button on a song layout ( automation button ), or navigate to Settings > Automation > Song Selection Actions and turn on the Play Automation Track option. More info
  • Use advanced audio features (iOS): $3.99. This includes inter-app audio, multi-route audio output, in-app recording, playback speed control, pitch shifting and attaching local audio files to songs instead of linking to iTunes. To purchase these features, enable Settings > Audio & MIDI > Multi-Route Output, tap the record button or change the speed control on the recording controls in the show view, change the pitch shift values on a recording edit page, or tap the Add Recordings button on a song edit page and tap the Local button. Some of these features were available before version 4.2 and do not require an upgrade if the app was first installed before that version. More info
  • Attach videos to your songs: $1.99. To purchase this feature, tap the Edit button for a song, then tap the Add Documents button, then select a video that you have copied into the app. More info

Frequently asked questions

Q: I bought an upgrade on my iPhone. How do I get it on my iPad?
A: You can install your upgrades on up to five devices if you log into the devices with the same iTunes account. When the upgrade list opens, tap the Reinstall button, then wait for the upgrades to download from the App Store. This could take a minute or more. When your upgrades appear, tap Cancel. Alternatively, you can select the upgrades and continue the process of purchasing them again; when you submit your purchase, the App Store will recognize that you've already purchased them and will not charge you.

Q: I bought the app for iOS. Can I get the Android version for free?
A: No, you must buy the app separately for each platform. Technically, there is no way to link your iOS and Android purchases together, since they are distributed by two different companies with separate app stores. Philosophically, it's fair to buy the app separately for each platform, since I have to repeat all the development work to bring the app to a new platform.

Q: I first installed the app when it was a free download, or when some of the features were free. Now the pricing structure has changed. Do I have to buy an upgrade to continue using these features?
Your access to app features will remain as it was when you first installed the app. Your access will only change if you delete the app and reinstall it, because then your access will be based on the new installation date.

Q: When I try to buy an upgrade on iOS, I see an error message that the app can't connect to the App Store, or the app crashes. What should I do?
A: Open your Settings app, choose Store, tap your Apple ID, and sign out. Then go back to Set List Maker and try again, entering your iTunes password when prompted. This resolves most login problems. If that doesn't help, you can try contacting iTunes Store support, or just wait a day or two and try again. These connection problems seem to appear occasionally and then go away again.

Q: When I try to buy an upgrade on iOS, I see an error message that I can't buy the upgrade until I buy the application first. What does this mean?
This means you originally installed the app from one iTunes account and now you're logged into a different iTunes account. To proceed, sign out of iTunes as described above. Then try again, making sure you enter the same iTunes username that you used when you originally installed the app.

Q: When I launch the app on Android, I see a message that I am not logged into a Google account that purchased the app. How can I fix this?
First, you can open the Google Play app and make sure you are logged in with the same account you used to purchase the app. If you are, this is a problem with Google's licensing server, which authorizes the use of purchased apps. You can visit Google's help page on this issue and follow the troubleshooting steps. If those don't fix the problem, you can click the Contact Us button on that page to contact Google. If Google can't help you, I can temporarily register you as a beta tester to give you access to the app through that system.

Q: Why can't I just pay one price for the full app? I hate being nickle-and-dimed with in-app purchases.
I don't like in-app purchases, either. They're hard to manage and generate a lot of tech support requests. However, I want to keep the initial cost of the app low so that new users can try it out with less risk, and in-app purchases are the best way to do that. (The App Store doesn't allow trial periods for apps. It does allow separate apps for free and paid versions, but then you'd have to deal with migrating your data from the free version to the paid version.) If you know your iTunes password, it only takes a moment to make an in-app purchase, and if you really don't like the inconvenience, you can buy them all at once and get it over with!