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This app is awesome

by Six String Picker (UK) on 9/17/2012 (v.3.0)

I have been a Set List Maker user for about 1 year to-date and it has come a long way in this time. The current version is brilliant, rock solid stable, works seamlessly with Bluetooth Hands Free Page Turning pedals. It does everything that I want it to do plus a whole lot more. It has to be the best Music Sheet and Set List Management tool available for iPad.

The developer is very helpful, listens to feedback and more importantly acts on any suggestions.

It is very intuative to use and is perfect in a live performance setting.

A "must have" tool for any musician irrespective of musical genre.

Very Cool App

by InfraEnginner (USA) on 6/27/2012 (v.2.2.6)

I have looked at a couple other solutions out there and by far this one is the easiest to use and provides all the functionality (and more) than I could have envisioned for a free app. I did purchase the little add-ins which I find both useful and reasonably priced given lack of alternatives. I would highly recommend this to other musicians with iPads.

I also contacted support with feedback and received a response within 10 minutes. Great response and great value!

Great app for musicians

by Sk8cate (USA) on 6/22/2012 (v.2.3.1)

Love, love, LOVE the new update with the smart lists, especially being able to organize songs by key. Brilliant. This is my favorite iPad app. It's revolutionized the way I prepare for and lead worship.

All bands need this!

by stephen pierce (USA) on 6/22/2012 (v.2.2.3)

This is an amazingly genius app. I find myself scrambling to make a set list each night because I usually am concerned with so many other things on show nights, but with this app I can actually have a drink and socialize in between sets. The color labeling option is perfect to help create a set that has diversity that isn't too abrupt. I use faster songs as red, mellow ones as green, and soulful or bluesy songs as purple, giving me the visualization of a spectrum and using that to have better flow each night. All bands should use this, it's lazy and impersonal to play the same set list every night.

The app comes with plenty of different ways for you to make notes and reminders for instrument changes, tuning changes, capo positions, lyrics, and anything else you need. It's as complex or as simple as you want it to be.

I have rarely written a review for apps nor felt the urge to do so, however this app deserves praise for being such a great idea. Plus when I emailed for suggestions, the creator actually read it...and emailed me back! Download it, and use it!

Great app

by Spiderz band (UK) on 6/21/2012 (v.2.3.1)

I can't recommend this enough, it's brilliant. Attaching PDF charts is very easy and works really well. I'm now connecting to a keyboard to send midi patch info so when I call up a chart, it also sets the keyboard to the correct sound. Saves so much time.

And, it's FREE. I would have paid for it.

Great app

by 13 for Life (USA) on 6/20/2012 (v.2.3.1)

Playing in a duo live and this app rocks! Everything in one place. We sync our set lists easily. Walks you through your set song by song. Developer said they were working on auto scroll feature - which will make app perfect in my eyes. Developer also quick to respond to comments. If you play out live and carry binders of lyrics, charts, and set lists.... You will love what this app can do for you.

Keeps getting better

by easybake4 (USA) on 6/18/2012 (v.2.3.1)

I use this live, MIDIed to my kb setup and it saves me a lot of time and effort between songs. Great app, very useful and feature-rich. And it gets better with the new update.

A great app, well worth the extras

by Andy Grant (UK) on 6/17/2012 (v.2.2.1)

I love this app, and the developer has clearly gone to lengths to listen to feedback for the community and enhance it. Great to be able to import from an iTunes playlist, and to email it out to band members etc. Nothing else like it on the app store, keep up the good work Arlo!

Brilliant App

by BrenU (Australia) on 6/9/2012 (v.2.3)

This app is Gold!!! & should be a must for all performing musicians.

Quite simply, the ability to organize and carry all my sets, recordings & charts together in a neat database is priceless!!!

I've sampled a few of the other offerings out there with regards to set/chart management software but Set List Maker is the best!

The features of Set List are powerful & almost never ending... It has been a joy to keep discovering what the app can actually do.

It works intuitively & just gets better with every update, the latest of which (2.3) has basically answered all of my wishes... I look forward to the future releases.

Great Work!!!!!

A must have app for musicians!

by Jeffrey Friend (USA) on 6/7/2012 (v.2.2.5)

I've been using another program (no longer supported) for a year or so, and dreaded the thought of trying to find an app that was as easy to use. I'm a drummer, and I just need to create set lists of songs with either a lyric sheet or a chart so I can remember the structure. So, when I saw this app, I thought I would give it a try.

One word... PERFECT. I create all my charts in Pages, save them as pdfs, and add them to the app using iTunes. Easy-as-pie. Not only does it do what I need easily, it also has a great metronome with a tap feature, that can be set for visual cue. You can also jot notes during a rehearsal for quick reminders. Did I mention that you can add recorded tracks to each song? Great for creating a timed mix of break music, or tracks for solo performance. The developer (Arlo) is quite responsive and has also created a number of videos on his site that show you all of the features quickly and clearly. You really owe it to yourself to give this app a try. It's very well thought out.

Great app for performing musicians

by Phowes (Canada) on 6/6/2012 (v.2.2.7)

The functionality that has been incorporated into this app is fantastic.

The developer must be a performing musician because the app is designed just the way you would want for a performance setting - and when you send suggestions they respond back very quickly, and then in the next upgrade you see them incorporated (if the suggestions were any good)

Highly recommended.

More than meets the eye!

by CopyriteBand (Australia) on 4/29/2012 (v.2.2.6)

As a working cover band we are forever trying to refine our setup and this app goes a long way to streamlining it. Originally wanting a simple setlist "compiler", we've since found this app to be much more powerful. Syncing our setlist with other band members is fantastic.

Arlo has been super responsive to any questions I've had and I highly recommend this app to any musician that wants to streamline their setup.

One of those apps that you wonder how you ever got along without

by Marc Sabatella (USA) on 3/1/2012 (v.2.2.2)

Obviously, this isn't an app that everyone has a need for. But for those of us who lead bands, it is truly a godsend - the sort of thing that really justifies having an iPad in the first place. In my case, I am an educator directing several different combos and a big band, plus my own personal projects. I use this app to track the pieces we are working on in rehearsal, to help prepare set lists for gigs, and then to act as my set list and metronome (already programmed with the right tempos) at the gig, plus my notes on who solos on what for talking to the audience, and even the charts themselves. I plan to also use this to help me plan the track listing for upcoming CD's, and I'm sure I'll find more uses as well.

The developer is extremely responsive about fixing bugs and adding features. So if you see older reviews from people who have had problems, you can absolutely bet those problems have been fixed - assuming they weren't just user error, which a lot of the reports in older reviews sound like to me.