Set List Maker is a powerful song management tool for musicians. With thousands of users around the world and new ideas arriving daily, the app is packed with features to help catalog your music, plan shows, share with your bandmates and streamline your performances.


  • Catalog: Set List Maker can store a database for each of your projects, with unlimited songs in each database. Songs include standard fields for artist, style, tempo, duration, starting pitch and lyrics, plus an unlimited number of custom fields. You can attach multiple documents and recordings to each song, and update your documents with on-screen annotations as you rehearse.
  • Plan: You can plan your shows by sorting your songs in different ways, selecting the songs you want to perform and then dragging them into your preferred sequence. You can play the attached recordings to preview the show, then go back to change songs or adjust the sequence at any time. Set List Maker keeps a record of all your past shows, so you can also plan a new show by copying a previous one.
  • Share: When your set list is complete, you can print it out for use on stage, email it to your bandmates or paste it into a text message or Facebook post. If your bandmates also use Set List Maker, you can set up a wireless sync so everyone can work from the same database.
  • Perform: Set List Maker can also help you on stage. The Perform window has large text and buttons for quick access to your set list, recordings, tempos and documents during your performance. You can control many functions with Bluetooth or MIDI foot switches or drum pads, or let Set List Maker control your MIDI devices by sending program changes or custom data. You can link iOS devices together for screen sharing or remote control, or record and play back automation tracks and let Set List Maker run itself.

To make the app easy to try out, the core functionality is available at an initial low cost, with some additional functionality requiring an in-app purchase. You can also click through the site for detailed tutorials and demo videos, or read some user reviews, before making your purchase decision.

The Set List Maker interface is available in English, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, French and Italian.